About the meaning of Life

Philosophy. About the meaning of Life
About the meaning of Life

To live is to create, to develop, to learn new things, become someone else, someone you haven't seen.

To live is to feel, to create, to be in a single stream with the world, to be a part of the world, it component of the equation.

To live means to fulfill their purpose, achieve their goals, to gain the experience.

To live means to love, to help others develop and grow in the knowledge and understanding of his destiny.

When we look for something meaning – it means we have reached a certain level of understanding that makes that move pushes us further.

As long as we do not think about the meaning of something, we just do what we do without realizing it and without hesitation: Why? For what? What is behind this?

The meaning of life in the experience of.
We have enough of what we have at the moment, just to do and to take the experience that we gain as a result of their actions. Even if this experience we are not aware and do not analyze, we still gain.

And then over time, when the experience we accumulate, and thus reaches a certain level, we become not just doing something that we once said or something we don't even know why we were doing it, and just do everything.

For example, we breathe. And usually we do not realize why, just breathe and everything, because I can't breathe.

But over time, we begin to notice how important and what a huge influence on us, the mere fact of breathing. And then, what we breathe, what air and even.

We are beginning to see the impact on our health and mood has clean air and as it becomes difficult and hard in the polluted area, such as a highway, where a lot of cars, so exhaust or not in a ventilated area, where obviously reduced oxygen content.

And over time, many begin to realize what a huge influence on us has and how we breathe, how far to space and frequency. And that the breath can be used for healing or self-control.

In the future there are many different understandings and conceptions of this underlying process, like breathing, which can be a link with many processes of development of the soul and go far beyond just the material body.

What is the meaning of life and what is the part time?
This small example with the breath shows us how what we previously did not notice and play, with time and gaining experience takes on a different meaning and content, as well as identifies the need for a conceptualization and understanding of the processes that previously were just and all.

And so this shows us that questions about the meaning of life, of his mission, is formed in man. With the accumulation of experience, and most importantly, it reveals the need for further growth and change.