Desires of the soul

Soul. Desires of the soul
Desires of the soul

In the course of our lives we are constantly faced with various desires of our soul. We constantly want something in many different aspects, ranging from the material to the spiritual and. The device of the human soul is such that it is woven together the various processes, energotel having different desires, different frequency, different goals and needs.

The causes of conflicts and internal contradictions in the desires of the soul.

Often emotional conflicts associated with internal contradictions arise because of contradictions between the needs of our subtle bodies. Our minds can harp on about the necessity and correctness of execution of a particular work or operation, and our senses to experience disgust and unwillingness to implement them. In this state of inner conflict, inner struggle the one who will be stronger at the moment of choice.

Desire of the soul of man come from his program of life.

Every person who came into our world created a program of life, which takes into account the experience of past life, the sins that the soul must atone through hardships, the suffering, the injustice that's done herself in the past, but which did not remember in the present embodiment. The events that will happen have a purpose - to teach the soul on the basis of their own misery to realize the wrongness of such actions leading to the difficult fate to never do such to others. Thus, from one incarnation to the next, the soul is to learn to become better in moral qualities. There is a spiritual growth and development of the soul, its progression and improvement.

Goals and desires written in the shell of the soul.

Overall program life is divided into separate private programs that are written on each shell or thin the human body. The physical body has its own program of development, their desires. The etheric body of your desires and needs dictated by the program. Astral energetic body is responsible for human emotions and has their desires, goals and needs. The mental sheath is responsible for a person's thinking, its development, the ability to think logically, to build theory. Every energetic body sends impulses to humans from their program, thereby comprehensively influencing the person in the form of sensations, feelings, desires, aspirations.

All these desires come from the soul program, from dissatisfaction of the soul in certain energeticistic, a certain experience. Thanks to the pulses sent to the person from meninges, awaken in us the desire, the feelings, the aspirations, the learning experience, to overcome the difficulties. Through all of this, is the development of the soul, its progression, growth experience, energobit, energy potential.

Analysis of the desires of the soul as a way of understanding its purpose.

It is necessary in the process of life, be sure to pay attention to their desires to fully implement its programme of life, to fulfill their mission on Earth. However, at the same time, it is important to be able to separate their desires from the desires of others who settled in you after talking with them, after watching the movie, the theatre, exhibitions, watching TV and so on. You need to analyze your feelings, desires, match them learn to recognize. This is one of the aspects of the development of the human soul, through the recognition of the desires of the soul.