The development of the human mind

Mind. The development of the human mind
The development of the human mind

The development of intelligence in humans occurs as a result of performing various tasks that it receives as it develops. The tasks we receive from our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, bosses. As a result of discharging us orders, requests, duties, requirements, we gain experience, developing the profession, new knowledge and learn to interact and communicate with the people around us, learn to survive and adapt to the world around us.

With experience, acquisition of knowledge, skills, responsibilities - we are learning to set their own goals, also ask others to fulfill our goals and again, through all of this is the development of our mind, of intelligence, of different abilities. New experiences change our Outlook, change the model of our thinking, to learn to act differently, more accurately, professionally, effectively, thereby developing a us forming including such a valuable asset as a liability.

Responsibility as a tool for the development of the human mind.

What a great responsibility we develop during our life, the more experience gain, increases our confidence, increase endurance and stamina of the nature of the soul. In contrast to this statement is if a person is constantly looking for a way to relieve themselves of responsibility, not to take responsibility for their actions, their actions, one side develops a whole other qualities of his character, and on the other hand takes much less experience in overcoming specific difficulties, problems associated with the implementation of the orders and commitments.

Thus such a person acquires a lesser experience for a life well lived, and thus the development of the mind of such a person occurs to a much lesser extent than the person who takes responsibility for his actions and deeds.

Our experience shapes the development of the mind.

The development of the human mind occurs in childhood in the family when the child executes the instructions of their parents. The development of the mind occurs in school and in College, when there are running jobs of teachers. The same thing happens at work when a person performs errands and work colleagues - the more load we take on, the greater the development of the mind occurs in us.

Because every experience, that certain types of energies, situations, feelings, experiences, communication and interaction with other people, errors and solutions, search the correct behavior in similar situations in the future. Through the understanding and comprehension of our experience is the development of our mind and the more experience we have acquired over our life on Earth, the greater the development of the mind occurred in our immortal soul.