Different age groups differ in the level of perception

Psychology. Different age groups differ in the level of perception
Different age groups differ in the level of perception

Children at this age are different receptive, open attitude towards the world. Allowing them to be mutable and able to learn and absorb new things.

But this is their weakness and vulnerability, as such openness and the ability to recognize what is bad and what can lead them to situations where they are not guided by who you can trust.

This means that they because of their age and naivety may be situations in which just are unable to resist the violence and evil on the part of those who can. Therefore in this age the protection that children are not able to afford to provide for themselves, they must receive from adults. From those people who are able to love them, to respect and protect their interests.

Parents are the defenders and protectors of children.

The role of such people should act as parents and next of kin. But if due to some circumstances parents cannot assume the role of defender and protector. In such a role should be a society in which to be this child. And it is in the face of people who have taken on the responsibility of being in the role of teachers and guardians need to help and protect those who are still so small and weak to do it themselves. And such people should be a lot of love, understanding and compassion for others and their wards, to be worthy and to fully satisfy the needs of those who really need it.

The mistakes of adults in the upbringing of children.

Very often adults do not give the love and protection of children for whom they are responsible. And this suffering and anxiety experienced by the child, he gets the experience. In the future, when he becomes an adult and tries to understand and rethink his life he sees the mistakes that other adults were committed to him in childhood.

And such a person is able to understand that this is a bug, not superficially, but from within. From the very depth of their feelings and experiences. And this experience and realizing that it's very bad and hurt, he is not able to do the same or similar with other people and especially with children.

Because he understands, having gone through it myself, how vulnerable and defenceless people in such a small age. Over time such person understands that the adult is also a child and that his insecurity and vulnerability not disappear with time, she starts to grow a "skin".

The level of perception of adults.

Adult because of his greater understanding of the surrounding world are able to protect their interests themselves. But when an adult opens and trusts someone, he is just as vulnerable and defenseless as a child. It can easily be hurt and to hurt, if you do not behave carefully, not paying proper attention to exercise love, patience, acceptance and respect of his interests.

Every person at any age, from birth until the last seconds and stay in this world, have their own interests, their personal perception.

Respect is the manifestation of tolerance and allowing the other to be what he is without trying him or her to alter. And instead impose their truth, to allow another to decide for himself what is true and what is false. To allow another person to make choices and decisions and to suffer the consequences of those decisions.

Individual experiences feelings and emotions.

It turns out that only having yourself through something and getting their individual experiences feelings and emotions, we the people, take this as the truth.

In the future based on this experience, both on the base and a foothold for further action.

Our personal experience and reinvention are key in continuing our perception of the world. And thus our actions and our decisions.

Acceptance, respect and the permission - age perception.

To show respect for another means not to impose their vision of the world, not to compel another to be us, but let inside, the other to be different. While not turning away from it, but to accept him as he is, at this point of time.

Because with time everything changes and we change too. Therefore, each of us becomes someone else.

To respect means to accept, what is in the moment, and let that be that. Simply on the fact that it's there.

Love combined with respect helps a person to follow the path, which was given him from Above, which is written in his fate and that each of us is held with the purpose of training and education in us the best qualities of the soul.