How to make to do yourself what you do not want

Self-development. How to make to do yourself what you do not want
How to make to do yourself what you do not want

In each of our lives there are always situations when you have to do what you don't want. And of course everyone has their own ways and their decisions in such, often, is not easy for us situations. And many of these methods and each of them reflects our inherent only to us a unique identity. So here are just a few options that can help to tune into something different.

Method first. Just need to say to yourself and without any want or not, do what needs to be done.

Of course, the first method is the easiest and most effective. But the downside is that within us remains someone suppressed harshly. This can, for example, to compare with the owner and the dog, which severely suppresses your pet. What can cause a dog will become vicious and aggressive. But when used correctly this tool, it can become obedient and kind, if not to forget to be understanding of her needs and care for her needs.

A second way. Try to talk with him.

Look inside yourself and try to understand why I don't want to do that really bothers me, I don't want to do it or just now. By asking yourself these questions, and various other, we try to show respect to different parts of yourself. The fact is that if we don't want, it can be a manifestation of our weakness, laziness, and perhaps a manifestation of our intuition, what to do now, for example, is not the time. And better at the moment to do something else. And then, when the time - to do what is necessary. There is ancient wisdom "a time for Everything: a time to scatter stones, a time to gather".

But, if we reflect, talk with him heart to heart and found out that it is "Not necessary to postpone for tomorrow what you can do today". But still for some reason, you do not want. Although often such internal "talk" is enough to put everything into place and to remove internal stress.

But if still not work, find your want, invite yourself to play.

Think, what would you now really wanted, it probably is. This equilibrium, if there is something we don't want it, and have what we want. It's simple.

It is advisable that you can implement. And say to yourself. Okay, so, we are now a quickie will do what I want, and then do what you want.

Option three. If neither the first option nor the second does not work, go to sleep "sleep on it".