Spiritual goals

Goals. Spiritual goals
Spiritual goals

People in the course of his life constantly various objectives. Goals can be conscious or unconscious. Goals can be implemented through other people, the environment, society, advertising and so on. Doesn't matter the way, it is important that we are driven by the purposes of their implementation. The realization of the goal fills us experience a certain sense of satisfaction, not to mention the stimuli coming from the environment in the form of praise, recognition, distinction, gratitude, respect and so on.

Setting goals in society.

In person is strongly supported at different levels of maturity, different social device teleustanovke at a constant overcoming, achieving the goals, setting new goals and objectives and the constant search for solutions to current goals. In fact, the reason one person is born and dwells in the life - gaining experience in many different areas and directions, depending on the aspirations of the soul.

Our choices determine who we are.

The goals that we are aware and we have set ourselves, the process of achieving them, creates in us certain qualities, propensities, which are issued in specific traits. Gradually, due to the choices we make, choosing your goals, we become who we are, good or evil, honest or not, loving or selfish, creative or plagiarists...

To set spiritual goals - to accelerate its development.

It is important in my life is to aim high, lofty ideals. If we aim high, and dial the appropriate energy, experience, quality. There is a whole hierarchy of goals. We need consciously to shape the movement's objectives and development in relation to themselves, to their family, their city, their country, their planet, their solar system, galaxy, Universe, God... The highest goals are spiritual goals. Goals, orienting to the endless development of the immortal soul in the direction of knowing the truth of God, the structure of the universe and its laws.

Aiming for a high, setting a spiritual goal and moving towards their implementation - we accelerate their development on Earth.