Spiritual truth

True. Spiritual truth
Spiritual truth

What is spiritual truth?

Each person to a particular moment of his life has its own worldview, its own view of things, events, phenomena. Everyone has their own truth, their perception of the world, their understanding of what is true. The truth is each person is supported by his own experience, your thoughts, faith.

Faith and truth.

Many phenomena in our lives, we just perceive as truth, take for granted, until we show that it is not. We can't be experts in all fields of science and technology, so when the specialist, scientist, academician tells us about some phenomenon, we take his words, sayings, his Outlook on what constitutes true faith. Because we do not have knowledge in this field and have nothing to oppose to received information.

Each person is unique. The truth of each unique.

The peculiarity of perception by the human for its uniqueness and originality. Each person has an individual perception, as evidenced by even a physical manifestation in the form of fingerprints of the hands and feet, of the retina. Our worldview, the inner truth is composed of many facts and events of our lives, our past experiences, experiences of others, which we were able to realize and accept as the truth.

If a dozen different people ask about what they see, pointing at the same thing, everyone will talk about it in your own words, show various aspects of the truth of the phenomenon. Even if everyone on the planet will do it, we only get seven billion faces of truth, but it will be not the whole truth.

Absolute truth.

Absolute truth comes down from the very top, with the absolute, our God, gradually from level to level and decreasing refracted, Isaias, gradually descends on our earthly plane of existence. But even on our planet, with one hundred levels of human development, each layer refracts and distorts the truth. Man umpteenth level about God will speak to one fiftieth of the level of the other, and the first level of development, for the first time embodied in the human body the truth about God will be taken at their level of perception.

Spiritual truth.

Spiritual truth is the same truth which can befall a man on Earth, it's the umpteenth level. But on the first level above the lower level in the hierarchy of God, this truth will appear in a completely different light on a higher level of knowledge. The absolute truth is available only at the level of the absolute, each below the standing level can know only five percent truths of a higher level. Each person has their own individual experience, therefore, its own truth. No General the same truth for everyone, as each has his own truth.