What to do if you feel sad

Soul development. What to do if you feel sad
What to do if you feel sad

Sadness is an emotion, a feeling, a state. The sadness will never happen just like that, accidentally or by mistake, as well as joy. Everything necessarily has a cause and effect.

The joy we usually do not desire to get rid of it, but when sad, we can feel uncomfortable, feeling that something is wrong. And begin to wonder what to do when you are sad.

Sad people.

For example, there are people who are sad all the time. And this is their usual, familiar to them the condition in which they arrive. And may not even notice it, considering it the norm for myself. And maybe he is for a specific person. What works for one person may be unacceptable for another.

Sadness - as the polarity.

But I would like to consider the sadness from the position of polarities, such as:

good - bad, need - don't need, life - death, joy - sadness.

With which of the two is what helps us, and is what prevents us from moving forward, to develop.

And here if to look from this point of view, we can assume that such an emotion, as joy is an indication that everything is just right that we do what we must, do our program life. And the sadness on the contrary, shows us that something is wrong, what needs to change.

The state of the soul - sadness.

I want to note that I'm talking about the joy and sadness as of a certain state of mind, not only the manifestations of accompanying emotions. For example, joy - laughter, sadness, tears. Sometimes it happens, that joy and sadness may not show strong emotions out. People can hide their real experiences consciously or unconsciously, to protect themselves or to manipulate others, there may be other reasons. But the main emphasis is on what I call your attention is the feelings of the soul, what is actually inside of us.

Why we are sad.

Sadness can appear when there is something or someone missing. We have a strong need for something, than you really need, and as this is not near, we can be sad.

What to do if you feel sad?

If we feel that experiencing sadness and consciously want to change it because it is not very comfortable or even a hindrance to enjoy life, you must start somewhere.

And to begin with to turn your inner gaze inward or Up, you can refer to the Higher power, to God with the request to help to understand. And carefully explore your inner space. The answers necessarily have or will come with time, but only if we seek them.

Everyone is free to choose its own path and search for your questions. Here you are offered only one option, actually a lot of them.

So, one has to wonder : "what am I sad?", "What I miss here, what makes me such experiences?", "What do I want?"

The answer may come immediately, for example: I want to eat or I want to sleep or something that is associated with our physical shell. It happens that the lack of food and sleep can make us sad state. And then we just need to take care of his material shell as she is alive and demands of us a lot of attention and love and suffer greatly if we don't help her – the shell or body to feel normal, at least as much as I can, since all norms are very different.

Can come another answer: don't want anything. It is already difficult it is already talking about a certain depression. And you can tell already kind of running form. And caused it can be a physical ailment, or mental.

Panic we don't need.

But no need to despair and panic, if you found yourself depressed tone. All fixable. Need not to give up, and to gather and begin to move forward.

Physical aspect.

You should start with the physical body, analyze your diet, what to eat, how many times a day, is there enough time to devote to sleep. Are there any physical activity, if not to try to include them in your life, at least in the form of, for example, squats, dips, turns 5-10 times and several times a day. Create some rules that will help you feel alive and active. You can drink vitamins or some useful food additives. Invite yourself and try to hear what inner sense responds positively.

This is a physical aspect that you should pay attention and start working in this direction.


But in addition to our physical body there is our mind, our perception of the world, our worldview, which very much affects all of our condition and physical, including. And it is much more difficult, a couple of tips not do, because everyone is unique and what can help one, may not work for another.


All must be considered individually, but the General advice such is work on yourself. Introspection and search for those solutions that give real results.

And the main thing you need to understand, if you have depressive tendencies it is better not to ignore it, usually they have a tendency over time to worsen.